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A Catamaran

A catamaran cruise convinced us to participate in a timeshare presentation.

If you’re tired of making terrible trades from the RCI resort directory, then I’m glad you’ve found this website! I strongly suggest you keep reading…because, as a long-time RCI timeshare owner, we probably have similar stories.

Over the years, I’ve experienced some good exchanges and some real stinkers and I’ve always wondered what I was doing wrong. I finally found one thing that has helped enormously. (If you’re too busy to read the rest of my story, you can take a look at that REALLY useful resource right now..“Click here!”).

Our Story – Why We Bought Our Timeshare
If you’re like me, you went though a timeshare presentation, and one of the main selling points was the RCI resort catalogue. We went into the presentation for our St. Martins property with no intention of buying – we just wanted the free catamaran trip to St. Bart’s. The property was beautiful and the price was OK, but what really sold us was when our salesperson brought out the RCI catalogue filled with thousands of timeshare properties for exchange.

Wow, we thought! We didn’t want to spend every vacation  St. Martins, but loved the idea of traveling to a different RCI resort every year. So, we signed on the dotted line. With a prime Red Week timeslot and location, we thought we had it made when it came to RCI trading power.

Our First Trade – Oops!
We were in for a rude awakening. Our first trade was for a different week within our own resort. I waited until February to book for our March-break trip, and we ended up with a ground-floor unit facing the back of a building. Not what we’d hoped for.

Myrtle Beach in March - not a great exchange for us

Myrtle Beach in March in this highrise - not a great exchange for us.

Second Trade – No Availability!
The next year, I booked earlier, in November, hoping for a different Caribbean island. My reply for every request was “No availability.” My requests moved farther and farther north until we eventually had to settle for Myrtle Beach. While it’s probably a great place in the summer, Myrtle Beach in March is not a beach destination. It was cold, our unit was the size of a postage stamp it was in a high rise, had no balcony (it was too rainy anyway), and was run-down and noisy.

Again, not ideal. I was starting to think I’d been sold a bill of goods with my RCI membership. I definitely realized that making trades wasn’t as easy as my salesperson had suggested.

Gradually Improved Trades, But Still Mixed Results
Over the next few years, and thanks to some advice from RCI telephone reps, we increased our lead time for making trades. We had some great vacations, but also some that were not so good. We traveled Aruba, Spain and several resorts in Mexico (Mexico – because they were easier to book), but many of the islands that we really wanted to see had eluded us.

I always felt like there must be some tips and tricks that I didn’t know about when It came to trading on RCI. Then, one day, I stumbled upon a resource that has made all the difference in terms of understanding RCI and it’s system for allocating its trading properties.

Because RCI DOES use a system. And there ARE ways to improve your chances of a great trade on that system!

A Better Timeshare Exchange

That's More Like It!

The Turning Point
The resource I stumbled on was called the Timeshare Exchange Bible and I do recommend it. It’s written by Jeff Pierce, an RCI member who has done a ton of research on the RCI computer system and experimented for years with making trades. He’s provided a quick resource that explains RCI, and describes how to make the best resort exchanges.

He focuses on two methods. First, he describes six ways to improve your exchange power. Then he reveals how to make a strategic exchange request. There are some subtle tips here that really will improve your ability to get the resorts you want! It’s the combination of the two methods that make his strategy so powerful.

Here are just a few of the things I found out:

  • The system that determines the waiting list is fully computerized. Like Google, it has a sophisticated algorithm for determining who is at the top of the list. And its NOT necessarily first-come-first-serve!
  • That you can manipulate the factors judged by the computer and put yourself near the top of waiting lists!
  • There is a critical period during which yourtrading power increases dramatically.
  • There is a time of the year when most exchange properties become available.

    RCI Resort from an exchange

    We made an exchange for this fun resort

  • That not all Gold Crown resorts are created equal.
  • That telephone representatives who tell you there is a two year wait for a property aren’t lying. That’s what the computer tells them. In fact, they may not know the factors that go into the computer’s decision.
  • A property may only be available for one second before it’s reassigned by the computer.
  • A property that appears to have many rooms in the RCI resort directory may actually only have several available per year. And there are certain times when they are most available.

The eBook provides a step-by-step method for boosting your exchange power and making your request, and provides 10 case studies that illustrate each step. It’s easy to understand and you can read it in about an hour. And it’s not that expensive.

Disadvantages of the Timeshare Bible
Will this eBook absolutely guarantee that you will get the resort you want specifically on the day you want? No. However, it will give you the BEST chance of landing those resorts – and of landing the best alternative resorts available – resorts that are just as good or even better.

Timeshare Exchange Bible

The Timeshare Exchange Bible

Conclusion – Is the Timeshare Exchange Bible Worth It?
Absolutely. While you may have deduced a lot of the information it provides, you’re bound to learn some tips that will really help you.

It’s an hour well-spent and could ensure that you spend your future holidays in the best resorts that RCI has to offer, rather than huddled in a cramped apartment in the cold. You’ll understand how RCI trading works,  understand the limitations of RCI trading, and understand best how to bid for the resorts you want the most.

I’d reveal the information from the eBook here, but Jeff Pierce has put a lot of time into it and I didn’t think that would be fair. Besides I might meet him in person at a resort some day!

If you’re interested in reading more about the Timeshare Exchange Bible , click here. And I hope this helps you make some great vacation exchanges!

All the best,

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The Timeshare Exchange Bible – How it Works

The Timeshare Exchange Bible will give you a detailed understanding of how the RCI timeshare exchange process really works – right from finding an RCI resort in the RCI Resort Directory; to requesting your exchange in the most effective way possible; to finally accepting the best exchange that you can make. This process is something that timeshare salespeople never explain when your purchase your resort. And it’s a process that few timeshare owners ever truly master.

This 49 page manual provides a step-by-step process that will greatly increase your odds when exchanging, regardless of where your RCI resort is located.

This book will burst some misconceptions. For example, when you first purchase your RCI resort, most people believe their ownership of a Red-Week in a high-demand Gold Crown resort will guarantee a timeshare exchange to ANY resort simply by giving RCI a phone call. As you probably know by now, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Six Criteria
In fact, there are six criteria that RCI uses to determine the exchange power of a timeshare. The Red week and Gold Crown designation are two of them. However, there are four other important criteria and one of them is more important than the other five combined. The good news is that it’s the factor you can most easily influence.

Extensive Research
The author of the The Timeshare Exchange Bible is Jeff Pierce, a veteran of RCI timeshare exchanges who has done years of research into the RCI exchange system. He has found information that even some RCI telephone representatives don’t fully understand.

Timeshare Exchange Bible

The Timeshare Exchange Bible

Part One
In Part One of the book, he concentrates on the strategies you can use to supercharge your exchange power – no matter what level of timeshare you own.

Part Two
In Part Two, he explains in detail, the most effective method for requesting your timeshare exchange to insure you get what you want. This is just as important as knowing how to supercharge your exchange power although many people don’t realize it. Even more important is how to combine both the increase in exchange power with an effective request. Whiile there are millions of owners who make a timeshare exchange, it’s something that few of them do effectively. Using one part without the other will help you a little, but combining both will guarantee results.

Case Studies
Each section of the guide builds on the section before, and the author includes 10 case studies to illustrate each step and improve comprehension. Throughout the guide you will also see many paragraphs marked with an “Insider’s Secret” icon.

Become an Expert
When you finish you’ll be an expert in exchanging your timeshare and will have an advantage over owners who are less informed. By following Jeff Pierce’s advice, you may find you can leverage an exchange to Hawaii even if you own of an off-season week in Canada.

Every timeshare owner will find this information useful – from the owner of the lowliest Blue-Week in the American midwest to the owner of a Red-Week at an  RCI International Gold Crown resort on the beachfront in the Caribbean.

Realistic Expectations
And one of the things I like about the manual is that it will give you realistic expectations of what you can expect when exchanging, not the exaggerated claims you hear when you purchase a timeshare. As a result, your frustration level when dealing with RCI will be greatly reduced.

I’ve been involved in making timeshare exchanges since 1998, and this type of insider information was never available to me until I read this manual!

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The Timeshare Exchange Bible Will Help You Master the RCI Resort Directory

Did you purchase a timeshare thinking that you’d be able to trade your week for any property in the RCI resort directory at any time of the year? Well I sure did, because that’s what I was led to believe by my timeshare salesperson.

Oops!! Big mistake.

I soon found out, as I attempted to trade our Red Season St. Martin property for another Caribbean RCI resort, that I was greatly mistaken. In fact, there are a number of unwritten rules for making a good RCI exchange, and I had broken most of them.

As I stumbled around over the next few years, asking questions of the RCI telephone representatives and learning from my mistakes, I gradually improved my ability to make a good vacation exchange. But it wasn’t until I purchased the Timeshare Exchange Bible that I really felt like I knew what I was doing.

I do recommend it highly. It’s a quick-and-easy read, and it’s inexpensive – particularly when you compare it to the value of spending your vacation week in top-notch RCI resorts versus one-star dumps.

As for the Timeshare Exchange Bible itself, it’s an e-book so you can access to it immediately. You’ll need a computer or e-book to read it, but if you’re reading this review I know you have a computer. And you can always print out the e-book if you prefer reading from paper versus a computer screen.

The book is only 46 pages in length. It’s more of a manual than a textbook, so you’ll be able to zip through it very quickly. However it packs a lot of information into a manual that you can read on only about an hour. And it provides excellent advice whether you deposit RCI weeks, floating weeks or RCI points.

The author, Jeff Pierce, a timeshare exchange veteran, does a nice job of providing a recap of the most important points at the end of the book. This recap provides a summarized action plan you can use to improve your ability to make a great resort exchange. He also peppers the book with a number of case studies: examples in story-form that make the strategies easier to understand. I really like the Insider Secrets which highlight some of the main points of the book. They make it really easy to skim the book for the “take-away” information that you really want.

Timeshare Exchange BibleWill you know some of these strategies already? Undoubtedly. Will you all know all of them? Probably not. I didn’t, and some of the tactics that I was missing have been costing me.

I hope you enjoy the Timeshare Exchange Bible is as much as I did. Whether you’re looking for an international exchange or a nearby get-away, it will make your “resort shopping” in the RCI directory and your dealings with RCI.com something to look forward to, not something to dread.

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